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Drone Surveillance Service

Our Drone Surveillance Service

Without a drone detection system, you do not know how many drones are operating or where they are operating in your environment.    This means you are unable to assess the risk they potentially pose or take appropriate action if required.

Short Term Drone Surveillance Service

The short term drone surveillance service generally consists of a one month period.  This is to ensure we capture enough data, and identify enough trends, to enable a client to assess the risk and make informed decisions.  We provide the client with 24/7 access to real time detection and alert data via our cloud based software interface and provide a comprehensive report with our analysis at the conclusion.

Long Term Drone Surveillance Service

The long term drone surveillance service generally consists of a 6 month to 2 years period. We install and maintain the system for the period of surveillance and provide clients with 24/7 access to live detection and alert data.  For a prison, airport, stadium or port, the data we provide them will enable them to respond to a potential drone threat.   We can also provide a monthly comprehensive report or as required by the client.

Our Strategies For Data Capture

Our strategy for accessing the sites and logistical considerations involve a combination of fixed and mobile data capture platforms.

For the fixed facility systems, our installation strategy includes using our portable tripod system that is fitted with the detection equipment and is installed on the roof at the subject facility or on a building nearby.  We carefully consider the location to ensure we have clear line on sight and access to 240v power. An image of the tripod system is shown below.

For our mobile solutions, our equipment is installed on our trailer or vehicle platforms and towed into position and secured. Our mobile systems include two trailers and one van which are self-sufficient using solar panels to charge on board batteries to operate our systems and have 4G connectivity to send the information to the cloud server. These are non-intrusive and non-disruptive and generally meet the security requirements of our clients.  Two of the trailers were recently deployed during a two month assignment protecting a government facility and other assignments at airports. Images of the trailers and van are shown below.

Drone Surveillance Platforms

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