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Remote Pilot Licence Training RePL 

Remote Pilot Licence Training For Emergency Services and Security Type Personnel


Counter Drone Solutions acknowledges that some drones are used for lawful and beneficial purposes including enhancing existing security overlays. As such, we provide Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) training to security and emergency services personnel through our sister company that is CASA certified.

Why Counter Drone Solutions 

Our CEO has been in law enforcement for 29 years, holds a commercial pilot licence and remote pilot licence, was the senior project officer for the counter drone capability of the 2018 Commonwealth Games, has utilised drones as a security overlay for major events, and is surrounded by support partners with law enforcement and security backgrounds.

Course Syllabus

The Syllabus includes the following subjects:

  1. Basic Aviation Knowledge for RPA
  2. Electrical & Electronic Systems for RPA
  3. Meteorology for RPA
  4. Human Factors for RPA
  5. Operation Rules and Rules of the Air for RPA (Air Law)
  6. Airspace, Charts & Other Aeronautical Publications
  7. RPA Knowledge of Operations and Procedures

Course Inclusions

The course includes the following:

  1. Use of all our equipment including our variety of training and security drones
  2. Student Manual
  3. Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate (AROC)
    • Theory
    • English Language Proficiency Test (ELP),
  4. Advanced security type training as detailed below
  5. All CASA fees

Delivery Options

Online Learning + 2.5 days Classroom/Field

Our online learning modules allows students to study at their own pace in the comfort of their own home and limit the number of days required off work.  On completion of the theory subjects, a student notifies our office and we slot you into the next available 2.5 day training session.  The 2.5 day training begins at 12md on a Friday and includes all day Saturday & Sunday.

The online course structure consist of:

  1. Online Theory,
  2. Classroom face to face time which includes:
    • Refresher training on Airlaw, Airspace,  & Mission Planning
    • Course Exam
  3. Practical – Flying in the field to build the 5 hour of flying required.

Face to Face Classroom & Field

Our face to face classroom training is generally delivered from our base at Archerfield Airport but do attend client premises when student numbers are sufficient.

This course is conducted over 4 days and includes:

  • Classroom time, and
  • 5 hours of flying in the field.

The course starts at 7.30am and concludes  at 5pm.

The course dates are set when demand dictates and includes:

  • Weekday course, and
  • Weekend course.

Specialised Equipment For Security Type Operations

Once you have mastered out training drones you will be transitioned onto our security drones.  Starting with the Mavic 2 Enterprise, you will use the spot light and loud speaker. You will progress to the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual and see the power of the FLIR camera. The final system to be flown is the Matrice 200 fitted with dual payloads.

Advanced Security Type Training 

The advanced components of this course include obstacle flying, conducting perimeter patrols, and completing simulated missions.  All of these components are conducted at our training facility or an approved client facility.

Advanced components include:

  • Obstacles – Flying through windows, doors, and buildings.
  • Perimeter Flights  – Designed to simulated a security patrol around a boundary.
  • Simulated Missions include:
    • Locating an unauthorised person on the property,
    • Locating and lost/injured person,
    • Evidence gathering.

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