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Our Executive Team

John Hildebrand 

John Hildebrand – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

John has 30 years of law enforcement experience in both operational and management roles. During the 2014 G20 Leaders summit, John performed the role of Aviation Air Asset and Airspace Coordinator that supported the security overlay for the event.   John was selected and performed the Senior Project Officer role for the Counter Drone Capability for the 2018 Commonwealth Games and worked with both the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and Australian Defence Force (ADF).  The counter drone capability developed was the first ever for a Commonwealth Games and the first of its type worldwide.  John holds a commercial fixed wing pilots licence, a chief pilot designation, and is the holder on an Air Operators Certificate (AOC).  John is also a commercial drone operator, holds the chief remote pilot designation, is the holder of an Remote Operators Certificate (ReOC) with a CASA training approval.  John is founder and Director of Counter Drone Solutions that provides end to end counter drone solutions for clients in the global market. Through Counter Drone Solutions, and the Commonwealth Games, John is the most experienced counter drone solution provider in Australia with multiple operational deployments including the Commonwealth Games, two prisons, and multiple airports.  Counter Drone Solutions was successfully awarded a contract with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) in 2018 to conduct a drone surveillance sweep of primary airports in Australia.

Experience Summary

  • Security Background
    • Law Enforcement for 30 years
    • 2018 Commonwealth Games Counter Drone Senior Project Officer
    • 2014 G20 (Heads of Govt.) Aviation Air Asset and Airspace Coordinator
  • Commercial Fixed Wing Pilot, chief pilot designation, Air Operator Certificate (AOC) holder
  • Commercial Drone Operator, chief remote pilot designation, Remote Operators Certificate (ReOC) holder
  • Most experienced counter drone solution provider in Australia
    • Multiple operational deployments
    • Commonwealth Games,
    • Prisons,
    • Airports.
    • Awarded the CASA drone surveillance contract due to demonstrated operational experience, capability to manage the project, ability to analyse data, and provide comprehensive compliance reporting.


  • Master of Business Administration (Executive) – Bond University
  • Masters of Terrorism and Security (2019 current study)

 Diane Earnshaw 

 Diane Earnshaw – Director – B Com B Sc Dip Ed

Diane has extensive experience in the corporate training and higher education sector.  With a Bachelor of Commerce , Bachelor of Science and a Diploma of Education, Diane has successfully managed and documented operational change and training in many leading companies across the franchise sector.  She has extensive international sales experience in highly regulated markets and has successfully managed teams through major workplace change.  She has a comprehensive working knowledge of the drone and counter drone space and the challenges that come along with these rapidly evolving, complimentary but distinct industries.

Experience Summary

  • Education and Training,
  • Business Process Development,
  • Operational Procedures Development Writing,
  • Change Management.


  • Bachelor of Commerce,
  • Bachelor of Science,
  • Diploma of Education.

Our Partners – we are not alone!

Counter Drone Solutions has commercial arrangements with the below listed partners who support it to deliver the highest standard of consulting, project management, and counter drone solutions.


C.R. Kennedy is a logistics company which has been established for 80 years and has offices in most major cities in Australia and in New Zealand.

Counter Drone Solutions primarily works with the C.R. Kennedy Surveillance Division to support our roll out of cutting edge counter drone technology.

Asia Pacific RPAS Consortium

The Asia Pacific RPAS Consortium (ARC) is Asia Pacific’s’ Industry Leaders in drone powered solutions.  It provides expert consultancy, project management, and turn key solutions for drone and counter drone solutions. The ARC executive team and respected industry leaders with real world experience.

Asia-Pacific RPAS Consortium

Industry Experts

Counter Drone Solutions works with a team of industry experts in the areas of:

  • Police
  • Military
  • Aviation
  • Infrastructure
  • Procurement

This team has extensive knowledge of and experience in the counter drone operational and regulatory environment.

Our CEO during the 2018 Commonwealth Games

Counter Drone Solutions
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