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Services – Consulting and Expert Industry Advice

Why Us

Counter Drone Solutions is well positioned to provide consulting and expert industry advice due to;

  • our extensive exposure to multiple systems,
  • our operational experience at the Commonwealth Games,
  • our 2018 deployments into an Australian airport and prison facility,
  • multiple keynote speaker roles at leading industry conferences, and
  • the 2019 contract with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to conduct surveillance sweep of Australian airports and provide comprehensive reports.


We will help a client find a solution to a known problem, conduct analysis, identify solutions, providing product suitability advice, provide recommendations, provide guidance on counter drone procedures, and product procurement .  By way of example, the most common question we are asked is ‘What do we do when we see a drone over our facility’.  As the risk posed by drones is a relatively new threat to manage, existing procedures are deficient, response capabilities are non resistance, and many clients do not know where to start. Our CEO wrote the counter drone procedures, including the rules of engagement, for the 2018 Commonwealth Games and is well positioned to  support clients in their procedure development.

Expert Industry Advice

Before implementing a counter drone solution, many clients require industry advice and recommendations on the suitability of counter drone product for their environment and circumstances. Clients in these circumstances are generally aware of the risk to safety or security posed by drones, have shortlisted some products, but seek advice and a recommendation on what is the best counter drone solution for them. By way of example, a client may have analysed the products available in the market, or has had a salesmen demonstrate a product, and they now require expert industry advice.  This advice could be regarding the products  suitability, finesses, and legal use before purchasing.  To aid a clients decision making process, we will guide them by providing broad industry information, advice, cautions or Warnings, and recommendations.

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