Counter Drone VIPs, Privacy & Movie Sets

Counter Drone VIPs, Privacy & Movie Sets

The privacy of celebrities and VIPs is constantly under threat from the paparazzi which is fuelled by the significant money that media outlets will pay for images or videos of them.  Whether it be private function, resort, yacht, family holiday, wedding, or something else, the paparazzi are always looking for opportunity to capture the money shot. With the arrival of drones, the paparazzi can now fly over fixed security measures to invade your privacy and capture the imagery.  With advances in drone technology, drones can now fly up to 7km from their take off point, allowing the paparazzi to avoid detection.

Whether it is movie fans or the paparazzi, drones are now bypassing fixed security measures and invading the security and privacy of movie sets.  There is also the chance of injury to celebrities or crew members or damage to property by an out of control drone.  With advances in drone technology, they can now fly up to 7km from their take off point, allowing the fans or paparazzi to avoid detection.

The establishment of a drone detection system would permit the early notification of a drone operating and permit security to take appropriate steps to mitigate the threat.

What Are The Solutions?

Whilst many companies say they have the complete solution to this issue, the truth is that the technology is still evolving.

Some companies are closer than others; some offer a single solution and others an integrated one. Some include detection only capabilities whilst other offer detection and counter drone capabilities.

In the Australian domestic environment, the detection capability is ‘generally’ lawful, but the use of counter drone technology is illegal unless you are a law enforcement agency or a similar legal standing.

Counter Drone Solutions searches and tests capabilities worldwide to ensure we provide our clients with an effective, lawful solution nuanced to your particular needs.

Why Us?

Counter Drone Solutions will act impartially to identify the right product, assess it to ensure it works as expected and as per manufactures specifications, ensure any legal challenges are managed, write your operations manuals, assist with the organisational change process, and train your personnel.

Counter Drone Solutions’s key personnel include law enforcement professionals with more than 50 years of combined policing experience, in both operational and management roles, who have been involved in the protection of events and critical infrastructure. The team also includes experienced personnel from the aviation industry, commercial drone sector, legal fraternity, and education, training and organisational change.

We search worldwide, visit manufactures, conduct testing and attend international conferences to locate the products we consider are relevant, perform as stated and as expected to meet the needs of this industry.  These products are then added to our approved product list and made available to our clients.  Where our approved products do not suit the requirements of an individual client, we continue the search until we find the solution.

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Counter Drone VIPs, Privacy & Movie Sets