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The Threat From Drones

Due to the rapid technological development of drones they have become an emerged threat for both security and privacy worldwide and superyacht owners, operators and crew are not excluded from this.

Drones are simple and effective to use, permit the pilot to have a large stand off distance to avoid detection or capture, they can carry many types of payloads (weaponised/cameras), can be programmed to fly autonomously and bypass fixed security measures.

With regards to security, weaponised consumer drones are targeting facilities, military and government personnel, the public in crowded places, high profile targets and to gather intelligence and perform surveillance operations.

With regards to privacy, the paparazzi and like persons, are using drones to bypass fixed security measures and capture imagery of VIPs.  The drone technology permits the paparazzi to launch from up to 7kms away from a super yacht permitting them to avoid detection. Camera payload technology enables imagery to be captured in both day and night conditions with large standoff distances due to zoom capability on cameras.  Drones can fly at heights to avoid detection with the naked eye and use the camera payloads to zoom onto their target.  The paparazzi are already using drones to approach superyachts in port, at anchor and on coastal transits and the prevalence is growing.

Without a detection capability, the presence of these unauthorised drones is likely to go undetected.

The Threat is Present – In Port – At Anchor – During Coastal Transit

Weaponised drone with bomblets – Surveillance drone with zoom lenses

Why Us?

Counter Drone Solutions is a member of Superyacht Australia.

We search worldwide, visit manufactures, conduct testing and attend international conferences to locate the products we consider are relevant, perform as stated and as expected to meet the needs of this industry.  These products are then added to our approved product this and made available to our clients.  Where our approved products do not suit the requirements of an individual client, we continue the search until we find the solution.

Our key personnel include counter drone experts,  professionals from the law enforcement, aviation, commercial drone, legal, security, and education and training industries.

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Counter Drone Solutions

What Is The Solution?

For a Superyacht, the  M.A.D.S Marine Anti-Drone System is the solution.

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