Aveillant Airport Drone Surveillance Radar

Aveillant Gamekeeper 16U

Holographic Radar – See Everything, All of the Time

Unlike conventional radars, Gamekeeper has no moving parts, and instead continuously ‘floodlights’ the entire field of view.

It uses an array of fixed, staring receivers to form a digital 3D image of the sky in computer memory, providing 3D location and velocity of every object detected.

Powerful algorithms distinguish targets of interest from background clutter, and classify them as a drone or other targets.

Counter Drone Solutions

Detect, track, and classify small drones in full 3 dimensions to a range of 5kms

 Future Proof Technology

Drone design and technology is changing rapidly. Gamekeeper is a software defined radar. As drones change, the software in deployed Gamekeeper units can be updated with new algorithms and features developed by Aveillant.

Real Time Output

Gamekeeper’s high speed update rate (4x per second) provides live output, enabling an operator to observe target behaviour. Standard data output format ensures ease of compatibility and integration with additional sensors, countermeasures and C2 systems.

Low Maintenance

Gamekeeper has no moving parts, minimising maintenance and operating costs, and simplifying installation.  Aveillant can provide remote monitoring and maintenance, along with regular software updates, maximising system availability.

Aveillant Holographic Radar

Gamekeeper 16U Brochure

Counter Drone Solutions

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