Counter Drone Solutions is well positioned to provide consulting and expert industry advice.

  • The counter drone industry is still maturing as are many of the products currently on offer which necessitates a ‘buyer beware’ approach and the need for sound advice.
  • The lack of common international standards in the counter drone industry has resulted in a wide variance in the effectiveness and reliability of systems, hence the need for expert industry advice.
  • We have extensive exposure and experience on multiple counter drone systems which ensures our clients are provide the best advice.
  • We have demonstrated experience at major events including the 2018 Commonwealth Games which means we can approach technology from technology and operational focus.
  • We have deployed operationally into Airports and correctional facilities and understand the challenges.
  • We have demonstrated experience in writing policy and procedures major events, airports and prisons.
  • We have demonstrated experience in writing rules of engagement.
  • We won the 2018 Government contract with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to conduct surveillance sweep of seven (7) Australian airports and one (1) restricted area and provided comprehensive risk reports. We have the runs on the board.