An Innovative and Scalable Counter Drone Solution

Boreades - Counter Drone Solutions
Boreades - Counter Drone Solutions


Boreades - Counter Drone Solutions


Boreades - Counter Drone Solutions


Counter Drone Solutions has an established relationship with CS which provides access to the latest products & integration.


BOREADES is an integrated counter drone system with a Command and Control (C2) system that uses high performance sensors to detect, identify, and mitigate drone threats. This Command and Control systems is built by systems integrator CS, who choose the best products available and tailor make a solutions to meet a client’s requirements and objectives, whilst working within legislative frameworks. The high-end hardened C2 Command & Control system has open architecture which allows for the integration of multiple sensors.  It provides smart operational theatre visualisation with a 3D Tactical/Radar map, thermal images, video feeds, weapons control, and it records all feeds for investigation, intelligence, and evidence gathering. There is an extensive list of products that been integrated into BOREADES with new ones being added as technology is released. The C2 Command and Control system can be deployed as a mobile or tactical capability as well a stationary solution for command centres.

BOREADES is a SMART solution that is:

Scalable: can be upgraded to extend capabilities

Modular: configuration can be customised based on a client’s requirements

Autonomous: can be configure to operate with limited human intervention

Rapidly deployable: can be used to protect events

Transportable: is based on light units packed in transport cases

Key Features

  • There is not one single BOREADES configuration, there are many, adapted to each and every operational context
  • High-end hardened C2 Command and Control Centre
  • Sensors communicate over encrypted IP links
  • Open architecture
    • Multi sensors/effectors
    • Can be interfaces with other C2
  • All in one direct access to all control features
    • 3D tactical Map/Radar Map
    • Thermal Images
    • Video feed (s)
  • Electronic and physical mitigation systems
  • Recording of all feeds for legal purposes
  • Scaleable Solution
    • Short range <= 500mtrs
    • Mid range: <= 1km
    • Long rage: 1- 3km
  • Upgradeable: sensors or countermeasures may be added at any time
  • Can be networked or clustered for multiple / complex site protection
  • Multiple deployment options
  • Parts are 100% COTS = reduced delivery time

High-End Hardened C2 Command & Control Centre

Open Architecture

  • Multiple detect, track, and mitigate sensor integration
  • Can be integrated with other C2 systems

All-in-one direct access to all control features

  • Smart operational theatre visualisation;
    • 3D Tactical/Radar map
    • Thermal images
    • Video feed(s)
    • Weapons control
    • Records all feeds for investigation, intelligence, and evidence gathering

Tracks Fusion: Sensor calibration, time/space alignment, multi-target targeting, tracks fusion

Classification: Flying: Aircraft, drone, bird Ground: Human or vehicle

Identification: Optimal control of identification sensors. Extrapolate, pan, tilt and zoom

Mitigation Management:A coherent command of mitigation options

Learning Loop: Improves performance automatically based on operator feedback

Boreades - Counter Drone Solutions

Multiple Sensor Integration

BOREADES already integrates with multiple sensors allowing the creation of customised solutions for clients

Radio Frequency (RF)

Spectrum Analysis

Directional & Omni-directional Sensors

Radar & Thermal 

2D / 3D / Thermal or X Band / Fixed / Rotating

360 degrees / Target Classification


Visible / Infrared / Various Ranges

Pan / Tilt / Zoom

SkyWall100 - Counter Drone Solutions

Physical Capture

Skywall 100

Skywall 300

RF & GNSS Jamming

Directional & Omni-Directional

Fixed and Mobile Solutions

Drone Interceptor

Controlled by C2

Multiple Payloads

Mobile Unit or Stationary Installation

The mobile unit is ideal for temporary events or as a tactical solution. The stationary solution can be used at a Command Centre, mobile command posts, and individual sites and can be networked and operated as clusters.

Mobile or Tactical Deployment Solution

Boreades C2 Counter Drone Solutions

Stationary Installation

Boreades - Counter Drone Solutions

About CS

CS Group expertise in mission critical applications and systems makes it the partner of choice in sectors with strong growth potential, notably defense, space and security, aeronautics, energy and industry, in France and abroad.  Head office:   22, avenue Galilée – 92350 LE PLESSIS ROBINSON