Droneshield SonarOne

Underwater Threat Awareness


What is the SonarOne

SonarOne is a sophisticated sonar monitoring device capable of detection and tracking hostile unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs).

SonarOne is easy to install and monitor via DroneShield’s intuitive DroneSentry-C2 user interface, requiring no specialist sonar training. SonarOne protects large sites from divers and UUVs with fewer installation points, reducing the amount of preparation required by the installer and the need for pre-existing infrastructure. 8 sectors (45° each) and simultaneous tracking of up to 10 targets means that SonarOne enables better awareness of multi-direction swarm attacks.

DroneSentry-C2 can monitor, display and record underwater activity detected by the SonarOne in real time. The operator can easily control settings and monitor the status of all devices as they operate in the field and in the instance of an intrusion, track and respond to the threat. Evidence collection is simple with all activity logged and categorised. DroneSentry-C2 allowing users to host on a cloud server or on-premises server depending on their needs.

DroneShield’s DroneSentry C-UxS system with the SonarOne module, enables a comprehensive awareness and protection system against air, ground, water surface, and below water surface threats (UAVs, UGVs, USVs and UUVs) – a truly unique comprehensive protection of its kind.

The product is unrestricted in deployment, meaning it is available for sale to a wide range of customers including ports, harbours, naval bases, private yachts, residences, power stations, and various offshore platforms.

Advantages of SonarOne

  • Comprehensive Threat Awareness: SonarOne provides a comprehensive solution to clients requiring complete, integrated, and adaptable awareness to underwater threats.
  • Track up to 10 targets: SonarOne tracks up to 10 targets simultaneously, providing comprehensive threat awareness against UUV swarms.
  • No Specialist Sonar Knowledge Required: SonarOne does not require operators to have specialist sonar knowledge to deploy and operate the device. The DroneSentry-C2 interface provides easy monitoring of SonarOne devices, while experienced sonar operators can access detailed control systems to fine tune the system.
  • Long-range Detection: SonarOne provides long range detection for both divers and UUVs, delivering multi-threat awareness in a single product.
  • Versatile Operating Scenarios: SonarOne can be rapidly deployed in a range of configurations, enabling operators maintain superior control over their critical assets.
  • Real-time Monitoring: SonarOne provides monitored underwater activity in real-time, with device control and status available through DroneShield’s Command-and-Control Interface, DroneSentry-C2.

About Droneshield

Based in Sydney (Australia), Virginia and Washington DC (USA) and London (UK), DroneShield is a worldwide leader in drone security technology. The Company has developed pre-eminent drone security solutions that protect people, organisations and critical infrastructure from intrusion from drones. Its leadership brings world-class expertise in engineering and physics, combined with deep experience in defence, intelligence, and aerospace.

DroneShield responds to the growing use of consumer drones for unethical purposes, and the resulting need for effective countermeasures to drone intrusions. We developed our products with the belief that comprehensive drone protection involves detection and disruption. With DroneShield, they aim to help public and private sector customers take proactive measures against airborne threats to safety, security, and privacy.