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Implementing Drones To Support Your Security Plan 

Perimeter Patrols – Incident Response – Aerial Monitoring 

Drone Solutions For Security & Surveillance


The world today is a challenging place and addressing security threats is a top priority. Drones are a new security solutions that can empower security personnel and transform the ways they take action.  The aerial surveillance capabilities of drones makes them an invaluable tool when it comes to site security, perimeter patrols, incident response, intelligence gathering, and ultimately situational awareness. The imagery from the drone is streamed back to the command centre providing real-time visibility into security threats allowing security personnel to make informed decisions.  Let us help you implement drones as a security solution.

Drones For Security

There are many drones on the market and some are suitable for security roles and others are not.  Depending on capabilities and payloads, the price of these drones can range from $5000 to $100,000+.  Some of the key criteria include image quality, secure communications, endurance and reliability, and weather rating.  For long periods of surveillance, where battery time is insufficient,  we use a tethered system that connects to the drone and provides constant power.

Why Counter Drone Solutions

Counter Drone Solutions is well positioned to provide consulting and expert industry advice.  Our entities hold CASA licensing to operate drones commercially and to provide Remote Pilot Licence RePL Training for both multi-rotors and fixed wing drones.  We have extensive experience using drones commercially since 2014 and have operated multiple systems and multiple types from multi-rotor to fixed wing systems.  Our CEO’s operational role in the 2018 Commonwealth Games included the implementation and use of drones as part of the security overlay. We have won a number of contracts in the private and government due to our overall experience.

Implementation Considerations

1. Consulting and Expert Industry Advice

As the use of drones in the security space is relatively new, many clients are insure where to start and require expert industry advice to ensure they implement the right system.  We gather the clients requirements, conduct industry analysis, identify solutions, provide product suitability advice, recommendations,  guidance on flight operations, and procedure development.

2. Product Sales and Sourcing

We have been using drones for many years commercially and have tested and evaluated many of them to ensure they meet requirement.  Working with our industry partners, we have access to many drone system from the common DJI drones to the higher end of the market.

3. Training and Commissioning

Counter Drone Solutions includes system training in all product sales and access to online learning modules to keep up to date and for refresher training. During commissioning we ensure the systems are operating correctly and this includes flying multiple missions and simulated scenarios.

4. Appropriate Drone Licence Training & Services

Remote Pilot Licence Training (RePL)

In general terms,  the operation of a security drone is considered a commercial operation under the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations. To ensure a organisations personnel can operate a drone legally and safely, and that the organisation can obtain the appropriate insurance, personnel need to complete a Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) course.  Counter Drone Solutions can provide CASA certified RePL training.

Remote Operators Certificate (ReOC) Assistance

A Remote Operators Certificate (ReOC) is like a business licence to operate drones commercially and is issued by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. To obtain an ReOC you are required to document your procedures and explain how you will use drones legally and safely, and nominate a Chief Remote Pilot. The Chief Remote Pilot is responsible for flight operations and the supervision of other pilots.  Counter Drone Solutions can assist in the development of your ReOC manuals and train your Chief Remote Pilot.

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